KERIM STONE Marble Export Company

Kerim Stone Company is a company specialized in manufacturing and exporting Turkish marble and exporting it to all parts of the world. Its headquarters is in the city of Denizli and the company has a branch in Mugla.


Constant communication

kerim Stone Company has a great reputation in the world of marble, as Kerim Stone is considered one of the main suppliers for a large number of projects in the Middle East and North Africa region.


The most important characteristic of Kerim Stone is the speed of delivery. We provide customers with delivery in all countries, with the possibility of shipping to the warehouses of our valued customers.

High quality

Through our work in Kerim Stone, we keep in mind the commitment to high quality and follow-up of the goods from the start of production until the completion of its installation in all projects.

Best marble price

In addition to its full commitment to delivery times and high quality, Kerim Stone provides very reasonable prices to our valued customers.


Types of marble in Turkey

There are a large number of types of marble in Turkey, where Turkey is considered one of the largest countries supplying marble to all parts of the world, and Turkish marble accounts for nearly thirty percent of the global marble market. all over the world.

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